2016 Kawasaki Mule PRO FXT
6 passenger with seatbelts for each & inside ROPS
Stokes Basket Attachment
Folding rear seat for added cargo area.
Forward facing LED scene / work light.
This unit can be quickly configured to transport crews into areas, transport patients, carry equipment to and/or from the actual scene, or even add a small water suppression system for wild-land firefighting.
Brush 22
2015 Dodge Ram 3500 4WD
Used for wildland fire suppression & medical response.
300 Gallon Water Tank
8 Gallon Foam Tank
Chief 22
2012 Chevrolet Tahoe
Vehicle is utilized as a Quick Response Unit. It carries numerous pieces of equipment as well as medical supplies, defib unit, and incident command supplies. This unit responds to all major alarms while also greatly reducing response times rather the station is staffed or not. Rapid on scene time allows for earlier medical care, scene size-up, and to cancel or request additional resources. Personnel assigned to this unit serve in the capacity of IC as Chief 22 until a higher ranking officer arrives relieving them. Granted there are areas we serve which have longer response times, the QRV has proven to allow for an average 6 minute response including nights and weekends when the station is not normally staffed.
2018 Kenworth Marion
Pumper at Main Station
Hale 1250 GPM Pump / 1000 Gal Water
Foam Pro 20 Gal
Halmatro Rescue Tools
Thermal Imaging Camera
Air Bags
Medical Equipment
Knox Key Secure System

Responds to fires, alarm activations, & motor vehicle crashes. Can also respond to medical calls if needed.
Engine 22-2
2005 Kenworth T300 Crimson
Pumper at Shumont
Hale 1250 GPM Pump / 1000 Gal Water
Halmatro Rescue Tool
Medical Equipment
Knox Key Secure System

Responds to fires, alarm activations, & motor vehicle crashes. Can also respond to medical calls if needed.
Engine 22-3
1996 Freightliner FL80 3-D
4WD Pumper / Tanker
Darley 1500 GPM Pump / 1000 Gal Water
Portable Pump
Structural Firefighting Equipment
Wildland Equipment
Turbo Draft

Responds second out to fires, may be used to establish a water point, structure protection during wildland fires. Apparatus being 4WD allows it to reach more remote areas.
Engine 22-4
1990 International / 3D
4WD Pumper Tanker
1000 GPM Pump / 1000 Gal Water
Structure firefighting equipment
Wildland equipment

First out Engine in Shumont district.
Squad 22
2015 Ram 5500 4WD CAFS
Used for medical response, vehicle accidents, wildland fire suppression, and structure protection among just a few.
Waterous CAFS 200-100-DS 200 gpm Pump with 250 Gal water & 15 Gal Foam Cell
Some of the equipment carried:
- 12 Lead Heart Monitor
- Battery operated Combi-Tool (cutter/spreader)
- Rescue 42 Struts
- Saw / Blower / Generator
- SCBA Air Packs
- Stokes Basket
Tanker 22
2007 International 7400 Wynn
4WD Tanker
Darley 500 GPM Pump / 1900 Gal Water
Portable Pump

Unit responds to structure fires, alarm activations, wildland fires, & mutual aid to other departments.

Being 4WD allows water to be taken into more remote areas supporting smaller brush units, providing structure protection or firefighting.
Tanker 22-2
1992 Mack
500 GPM Pump / 2500 Gal Water
Floating Pumps

Responds to fires in Shumont District
Truck 22
2005 Ford F-350 4WD
Personnel carrier
Wildland firefighting equipment
Medical equipment
Removable 7 foot Hiniker snow plow & SnowEx salt spreader

Utility vehicle. Can be used to haul ATVs to scene, transport personnel, assist with traffic control, haul equipment, respond to medical calls, and snow removal allowing a safer response for other apparatus.

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