Board Election 2013
Sun. Nov 10th 2013

The Department would like to welcome Phil Elmore and Tracie Worley who were recently elected to serve on the Board of Directors. Phil and Tracie will be replacing Board Members JD Diefenbach and Ron Ericksen both of whom will be greatly missed on the Board. All of these folks care deeply for their Fire Department and their Community.

Following the closing of the annual Board of Director elections and with support of Lorraine Wheeler the community members present appointed 5 people to assume the role of Community Center Directors. Those appointed unopposed are Ruby Gilliam, Louise Murphy, Erma Risen, Pat Owenby, and Andrea Calisti. We wish them the best at promoting the communities use of the facility. Until they decide who will fill the various positions please feel free to contact the Fire Department at 828-669-0488 for reservation and usage information. All revenue goes directly to upkeep of the center along with various projects and is not directly associated with the fire department.

We will provide a list of each Board along with their designated positions once the two meet and decide. All of these individuals volunteer their own time in an effort to make Broad River a great community to be in.

11 entries in the News

11 entries in the News

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