Wed. Oct 30th 2019

Several weeks ago Broad River Volunteer Fire & Rescue was awarded a 2018 FEMA Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) Grant totaling approximately $190,000. Grants typically save taxpayers thousands of dollars on much needed equipment. This grant was in two parts. The first part is for two modern heart monitors capable of detecting an serious heart problems. The monitors cost nearly $40,000 each. One will be kept at Shumont station and the other at our Main Station. The second portion of the grant is for vehicle exhaust capture and removal systems to be installed at the same two stations. Vehicle exhaust has been directly linked to cancer in firefighters. This will reduce the risk of cancer and other illness associated with vehicle exhaust as well as savings with heating by not having to open the bay doors as much in colder months. 

Most are already aware that in July the department completed a Department of Insurance Rating Reduction inspection. Up until then the department has been a split Class 9/10 Rating. Anyone within 6 miles of a station was considered Class 9 and those being further than 6 miles a Class 10 which is the highest and most expensive classification for insurance premiums. Through strategic planning over several years the department added a third station near Gold Anchor Lane. This was crucial to homeowners mainly on the north end around Tree Haven who were greater than 6 miles from our main station. Currently the majority of homes we protect are within 5 miles from one of the 3 station with a few over 5 but under 6. We recently announced that our new rating is a Class 5/9e. As of January 1, 2020 those living within 5 miles will see very substantial savings on their insurance premiums. Most of those currently over 5 miles but under 6 were previously a Class 10 until the addition of the third station and should also see some savings. We recommend contacting your insurance agent to let them know and even compare pricing. 

2019 has also been a huge year for our Drone Team. To date this program has been about 99% funded by donations. The Team has assisted numerous agencies with searches for lost persons, disaster responses, fires and law enforcement to aid in public safety. We have received nationwide attention and watched the use of drones in emergency services grow quickly. This was a way for us to give back to all those who have helped us and a way to provide better services to our own community. 

Please feel free to drop by the main station for a tour & consider becoming a Volunteer!


Stay Safe!

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11 entries in the News

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